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Édition Limone

"Allow yourself to enter the alleyways and be refreshed by the sweet coolness
of sun-ripened lemons swaying between wind-rattled leaves
– a scent of cloying summer warmth amidst urbanity

Édition La Forêt

"Allow yourself to be embraced, beautiful owl, by the confidence of knowing that your
forest of diverse and changing concrete is full of movement and warmth."

Édition Flora

"This collection embarks the feminine wearer on a flight of the senses similar to that
of the bees flying from flower to flower collecting the pollen and spreading the airy,
fragile powerful expression of flowers."

Édition Symbiosis
"Like a phoenix arisen from the ashes, lichen like designs unfold delicately and softly
infolding the female silhouette with silky velvet, mohair, sweet water pearls, net
fabrics with lichen print applications, thereby filtering it to a visual expedition on the
female body."


Édition Cactus
"Driven by the power of endurance and consistence, Edition «CACTUS» dares a
journey full of elegance and delicacy into the resilience of succulents thereby
contradicting the common ephemerality of fashion – coating the silhouette of the
style conscious woman with the imperishability and enchanting modesty of nature."